Only 60% Of FSU Admissions Applicants, Are Accepted


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Only 60% Of FSU Admissions Applicants Are Accepted

Academic GPA is a very important part of being admitted to FSU. Admissions are due by January 25th, with a regular deadline and no early decision date is offered. Student SAT and ACT scores should be above-average, since the Florida State University Admissions Office only accepts about 60% of the 27,000 applicants, it receives. More than 50% of the freshmen were in the top 10% of their high school class. Most of them scored over 1230 on the SAT or 25 on the ACT.

Florida State University Admissions reviewers provide minimum-recommended high school units, but this doesn’t give you a complete picture of their expectations. The majority of accepted students exceed these minimums, although GED’s are accepted, along with a high school transcript for years attended. FSU admissions applications should include transcripts highlighting a student’s academic achievements. Majors offer a wide variety of choices for undergraduates and graduate master’s degrees are available in many subject matters.

The Tallahassee, Florida campus was established in 1851, with 463 acres on the public, down-town campus, but it now sprawls over 1500 acres, with 15 colleges. The cost of attendance is over $34,000 for undergraduates from out-of-state, while in-state students may attend for slightly less than $20,000. There are various forms of financial aid available, depending on your academic achievements for merit-based grants and financial needs, for those worried about affordability. The average financial aid award was over $10,000, in the 2010-11 financial aid profile.

The FSU Admissions office will send out regular notifications by March 21st, usually. You have until May 1st or 2 weeks later, if notified after May 1st, to accept your offer of admission. Since competition is stiff for entering Florida State University, you need to apply for your financial aid and complete your FAFSA application, as soon as possible. Awards notification starts on a rolling basis, beginning March 15th, using federal methodology.

When you are budgeting money for your tuition and housing costs, there are different types of housing, with 71% of freshmen in college housing. Co-ed dorms, women’s dorms, married and single student apartments, besides disabled student housing and fraternity or sorority housing, are available. Since freshmen are given first priority of college housing, 80% of undergraduates and graduates live off-campus or commute.

Scholarships are available from outside sources and the university offers intercollegiate sports scholarships for men and women. Men’s sports scholarships include cross-country running, golf, baseball, swimming and diving, basketball, tennis or track and field. Women’s sports scholarships are offered in basketball, cross-country running, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, swimming and diving, volleyball or track and field. If you are athletic, investigating these university scholarships can be worthwhile, and provide needed funds to apply towards your costs of college and housing.

The FSU admissions process can be handled online, with many questions being answered on the website for Florida State University. If you love warm climates, a laid-back atmosphere and a fun student body, completing your admissions application on time and earning good grades in high school, can gain you entry to this highly-sought-after university. The selection process is quite competitive, but academically-gifted students will find the acceptance process, easier.

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