Tips For Securing FSU Financial Aid

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Tips For Securing FSU Financial Aid

Securing FSU financial aid may be required by many students attending Florida State University. Financial aid can be based on your academic qualifications, community leadership or extracurricular activities and talents. The first step is to identify the types of grants or scholarships you are eligible for. These may be financial-needs based, merit-based, athletic-talent or sports-based and residency-based.

You will be required to complete your FAFSA, but this is required by any universities or colleges. Make sure you only submit your FAFSA application through the official government website, since there are similar-looking websites that request payment to submit your application. The FAFSA is a FREE application process offered through the Federal government, so be aware of scholarship scams, regardless of which grant or scholarships you are applying for. If you have questions, call or email the university staff.

As soon as you are admitted to this prestigious university, you will want to start working on required applications for aid, but many students apply for these funds, while awaiting their final acceptance notification. The important aspect is to apply for as many as you can, whether federal, state, university-based or corporately and privately-sponsored.

Scholarships are considered part of your financial resources, when it comes to determining other FSU financial aid you may be eligible for, so it’s possible to minimize student contribution or student loan liabilities. Since many scholarships are a one-time award, you will need to go through this process, each year you attend the university. The Florida State University Financial Aid Office will need to be notified of any awards you are able to secure, but they provide a Financial Aid Student Toolkit page on their website, to make this easier.

Like other universities, your cost of attendance will be determined by calculating your expected family contribution, as determined by federal methodology, and subtracting any other resources. This may include tuition waivers, fellowships, agency payments and scholarships. Any remaining amounts of tuition and housing will be considered financial need, which may be awarded through grants or work-study programs and subsidized loans could make up the difference.

The ideal situation is to apply for as many outside scholarships as you can, since this is subtracted from the amount you may need to borrow on student loans and it can also be subtracted from the costs your family will need to contribute. Many students work part-time jobs, but some are outside of work-study programs. Most assistance packages are based on full-time attendance, so carry the minimum credits required, to receive awards.

As you can see, there are several tips for receiving FSU financial aid, which the average student may be able to take advantage of. If you have any questions about your options, you can find many answers on the Internet, but Florida State University Financial Aid staff members can answer specific questions by emailing or calling them. Keep in mind there are many students that may have similar questions or situations, so searching the Internet or the university website may be the quickest solution.

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